a successful year 

Developing and implementing a traceable vanilla supply chain was our major goal for this year, and we are very proud to announce that the first export of POD vanilla has successfully left Madagascar.  

With this complete, we are now focusing on engaging with relevant local organisations to create the structure for our farmer outreach education programs. The first financial literacy session will commence in December in association with Human Development Action, focusing on budget management and alternative savings mechanisms. We are also working with Impact Madagascar to develop an environmental training program, including modules on deforestation, waste management and water saving farming practices.

Our farmers are now busy with the delicate process of pollination, sometimes pollinating up to 1,500 flowers per day by hand. The feedback from our extension officers has been very promising with field reports of good quality flowers and favourable weather conditions.


Over the last few months, our vanilla has undergone the traditional Malagasy curing process in order to develop its rich aromas and flavour characteristics. Starting with a quick plunge in hot water to stop them from ripening further, the beans are then moved between sunlight and dark blankets over the course of two weeks to very slowly drop their moisture content. After many months tucked into wooden boxes to reduce the moisture even further, the beans are then inspected, graded and separated by hand before being packed into bundles for export.

After an extremely successful first year of operation, our team have earned themselves a well deserved Christmas break! Going into 2021, we will be focusing on obtaining both Fairtrade and Organic certification for our farmers’ associations. This process will commence in January.