About US

Based in the SAVA region of Madagascar, vanilla capital of the world, POD supports the vanilla growers to produce sustainable crops of consistent quality.

Empowering Malagasy vanilla growers to produce 100% traceable and sustainable vanilla.

Who we are

Plantations of Distinction (POD) is based in the SAVA region of Madagascar, vanilla capital of the world. Most traditional vanilla supply chains in this region have up to four collectors between farmers and exporters, a system that reduces the price farmers receive and leaves them vulnerable to extended periods of financial insecurity.

We work with small communities to purchase vanilla directly from registered farmers, enabling us to trace our beans from field to market. A traceable supply chain gives us the ability to ensure child labour monitoring systems are in place, farms are outside of protected land, and most importantly, our farmers are receiving a fair price for their vanilla.

What we do

Our staff members, who come from and live in the communities where we operate, ensure we are always available and listening to farmers. Through a combination of extensive data collection and local knowledge, we work together with our farmers to improve quality, encourage sustainable agricultural practices, and address social issues.

At the other end of the supply chain, the POD traceability system ensures consumers receive socially and environmentally sustainable vanilla.



Working to achieve full traceability of our vanilla beans from the growers themselves. 

Traceability gives exporters and consumers the supply chain transparency required to make ethical purchasing decisions. But does it provide any benefit to the farmers themselves? In a market as volatile as vanilla, farmers rarely have access to a long term buyer and the associated income security.

Traceability creates a direct relationship between exporters and small-holders giving them the opportunity to demonstrate their ability to grow consistent, high quality vanilla. Building this reputation allows farmers to advocate for better prices, which can help them plan for the future and eventually grow and improve their business. Traceability helps farmers look at the bigger picture and develop a successful business plan for their next generation.