Travel the world in your house on wheels

Do you own or are you thinking of buying a touring caravan? Always fancied being able to hit the road and see the world without having to spend a fortune on hotels? Buying a touring caravan opens up a massive opportunity to explore the country and even further afield. Sounds really exciting, doesn’t it? Just don’t forget the boring stuff like the insurance!

Unfortunately, having the opportunity to tow a home around to wherever you desire brings with it a number of risks. Not least the risk of having a traffic accident and damaging your prized caravan. But it’s not just insuring against the risks associated to being on the road you have to think about; you should think about covering your contents and fixtures and fittings too.

Your caravan needs cover not only whilst on the road but also when you are stopped somewhere. Just like any home, it is at risk of being broken into or being affected by bad weather and floods. You don’t want these things to stop you from living your dream to get out and seeing the world; so make sure that you have the right level of cover (make life easier by visiting

Not all insurers know the caravan insurance industry very well, so it is best to speak to the experts if you want to be certain that your caravan is well covered and for a reasonable price. We have worked within the caravan insurance industry for years and we highly recommend that you think carefully about your insurance and don’t just opt for the cheapest option. What may seem like a great deal to start off with might not seem so great when you find out you have to repair or replace something that you didn’t realise wasn’t covered.

We understand that caravan insurance isn’t straight forward and not everybody needs the same type of cover. We also know that you don’t want to be paying over the odds for insurance. That is why we can help you to find a great deal for touring caravan insurance without any hidden extras or nasty and expensive surprises. Our experienced and friendly advisers can talk to you today about all of the option available to you and help you to pick a great value insurer that is just right for you and your caravan.

Keep your trucks well insured

For free quotes to have your trucks well insured get in touch with online brokers who can compare prices from leading insurers to get you the best truck insurance policy ever. Take your time and read the small print contained on the insurance documents once you’ve downloaded them to make sure your vehicles are protected should they be involved in a road accident, stolen, break down or vandalised. There are often special offers and discounts available too, so do your homework before purchasing truck insurance online.

Lower your costs

Many companies have to fork out cash for truck insurance which they can ill afford, some useful suggestions from insurance experts to save money are:-

  • Obtain multiple truck insurance quotations
  • Click on truck insurance websites for quotes
  • Request a call back service from the provider
  • Read about pricing and premiums

By following the above points and using an online broker that specialises in truck insurance you’re sure to cut down on expenditure which in turns means more money to plough back into your company.

Keep your vehicles on the road

If one of your trucks is involved in an accident and has to be off the road for a considerable length of time while being repaired, business will drop especially if you don’t have adequate cover. Using the services of reputable insurance companies gives business owners the opportunity to use the services of reliable repairers who realise the importance of getting vehicles back in use quickly. Making a claim with the help of advisers can be a straightforward process as well as resulting in a swift outcome so trucks and drivers can do the job they have been employed for.

Whether you have rigid, articulated, refrigeration, skip wagons, tippers or flatbeds truck insurance from is available to cover a huge range of vehicles, online brokers have years of experience and knowledge regarding cover as well as being confident that their services are second to none.

Find out more

Ask for a quote as a first step towards purchasing value for money truck insurance from a team of dedicated brokers who find great deals for all of their customers. Find out more information to start reaping the many benefits on offer via truck insurance websites from cost-effective and efficient policies. Leave your personal details on the online form and your specific requirements, you won’t have long to wait before a consultant gets in touch with you with more info. It’s a legal requirement to insure all vehicles that are driven on the UK’s roads so don’t delay, get the protection for your trucks and drivers now!

How to compare quotes for your motorcycle cover

Being able to compare insurance quotations is essential if you are to be sure that you have both suitable cover and a cost-effective solution.

Here are a few thoughts that might help you to do so.


Of course, whatever anyone may try to say to the contrary, one of the first things you will be looking at is the ticket price associated with the policy.

While you’re so doing though, try to remember that the price of the policy will have no relevance whatsoever in the event of a claim.

So, make a determined effort not to become entirely obsessed with the price you will pay and to balance that against the cover provided by a policy.


When you are trying to compare motorcycle insurance quotes, look out for discount opportunities.

These might exist in various areas including things such as options for taking a higher excess, adding additional security precautions to your bike and its surroundings or making sure that it is securely garaged overnight.

When looked at in totality, these discounts may significantly change your perception regarding the true price to you of the policy concerned.

Terms and conditions

Comparatively few people may welcome the prospect of needing to read the fine print surrounding the terms and conditions of a quotation and policy but these are extremely important.

They effectively define the relationship between you and the insurance provider and that in turn may have a significant factor in how easy or otherwise you might find it to claim in a given set of circumstances.

To provide a slightly simplified example, you may find that one policy states its standard cover is restricted to the mainland UK.  This would be significantly different to another policy defining cover as being applicable to the UK. The former might exclude areas such as Northern Ireland or the Scottish islands etc.

Specialist cover options

Some insurance providers might be able to offer you quotations that are particularly pertinent to individual categories of biker, perhaps including you.

These categories may significantly affect the overall price and suitability of cover provided and might include groups such as:

  • convicted bikers;
  • multi bike owners;
  • classic bike owners;
  • moped or scooter riders;
  • female bike riders; etc.

If you are in one of these categories (there are others) and are able to source a quotation that is specific to you, you may obtain significant advantages both in terms of the price you obtain and the cover provided.

The importance of having insurance to protect your property against flooding

Thousands of property owners have been affected from flooding this year and have had to face the daunting task of evaluating the extent of the damage. According to UK weather experts, torrential rainfall and flash floods are expected to continue and affect more areas than ever before, if you are unsure that you live in a flood risk area check out the Environment Agency website and type in your postcode which brings up a map indicating high risk locations. Unfortunately some business and property owners are unable to purchase flood insurance due to living in what is deemed to be an area at risk from flooding, however special online insurance brokers will provide the necessary cover wherever you live.

The benefits of flood insurance

Flood insurance will cover your property, furniture and personal possessions in the event of them being damaged by flooding. This type of insurance policy will help you replace what you lose, pay for repairs including redecoration along with providing you with finances to live in alternative accommodation while your home is drying out, being repaired or redecorated. Of course you can take prevention measures to reduce some of the risks flooding can cause especially if there is a flood warning, for instance:-

  • moving small items of furniture upstairs and raising larger items off the floor
  • rolling up carpets, rugs, removable flooring and store them upstairs
  • switch off gas, electric and water supplies
  • place sandbags around the perimeter of your home

Contact insurance brokers online

If you do take steps to reduce the risks of flooding to your property check out who can reduce the cost of flood insurance quite significantly as well as offering additional discounts to new clients, to policyholders with no claims bonuses and to customers who renew their policies online. According to statistics June 2012 has been the wettest month on record costing house owners millions of pounds worth of damage and insurance companies having to deal with a huge increase in claims which has prompted many within the insurance industry to move towards a new flood cover agreement with the Government.

With the likelihood that the wet weather is set to continue and according to some experts get worse, it’s more important than ever to protect your property by buying flood insurance without delay before it gets too late.


Finding the right insurance for your truck

If you drive a truck in the UK it is mandatory to have insurance to protect yourself, your vehicle and other road users. Truck insurance provided by will cover vehicles over 7.5 tonnes in weight up to 44 tonnes and is suitable for all makes and models of trucks, why not speak to an adviser today to learn more about how cost-effective policies are. It doesn’t matter whether you run a fleet of trucks or are a sole operator you still require insurance, let established online brokers compare prices for you as well as:

  • truck insurance for carriage of all goods
  • UK and European cover
  • cover available for the carriage of hazardous goods
  • instant online truck insurance documentation

Ask for a quote

Buying truck insurance online is easy to do and will only take a few minutes of your time, complete an online application form to receive affordable cover without compromising on the quality. It’s worth bearing in mind that if you are involved in an accident and don’t have the correct insurance you can expect heavy personal costs for any damages and legal fees to the third party involved not to mention the damage to your business reputation. Of course as you would expect when dealing with professional online insurers you can reduce premiums by increasing your excess as well as negotiating a better price for low mileage and no claims, if you wish to purchase truck insurance for multiple vehicles then favourable discounts will be offered.

Save time and money

Insurance brokers are well aware that many businesses are looking at ways to reduce overheads which sometimes may include truck insurance, before making a decision however get in touch with experienced insurance consultants who can search their database of well-known UK insurers to find you the best deal and the best cover. It’s simply not worth the risk of having inadequate insurance especially if you need to make a claim only to find that your policy doesn’t cover what you’re claiming for. As well as truck insurance specialists also provide cover for numerous other vehicles for instance:-

  1. recovery truck insurance
  2. refrigerated truck insurance
  3. tipper truck insurance
  4. lorry insurance
  5. campervan insurance

When buying truck insurance from revered brokers you can benefit from a professional service along with ongoing support whenever you need it, so set the wheels in motion regarding insurance today.

A guide to selling your home quickly

For many property owners selling their homes can be a nightmare especially when a sale drags on. If you decide to sell your property the traditional way is through an estate agent, expect to pay heavy expenses for their services , even more so if you are involved in:-

  • a broken chain
  • repossession
  • divorce
  • probate

The easiest way of selling a house fast in the UK is to contact online property buyers who have helped thousands of homeowners to sell their homes quickly with the minimum of fuss and usually in around one month.

Let the experts help you

Don’t despair if you’re unable to sell your property quickly, get in touch with the experts online to begin the selling process. To begin with leave your details including as much information as possible about your property, the reason for the sale as well as the desired timescale so an adviser can get back to you with a quick quote. Established property buying companies have a wide network of eager investors just waiting to buy your home at a fair price, why not request a preliminary offer to start the ball rolling so you can move on with your life?

What to expect

When using the services of renowned online quick sale property firms to sell a house fast in the UK you can expect many benefits for instance:-

  1. stopping of repossessions
  2. completion of sale usually within 28 days or a date to suit
  3. a completely confidential sale
  4. solicitor’s fees paid up to 500 pounds
  5. savings on estate agents fees
  6. receiving an offer after just one viewing
  7. no hidden charges or additional costs
  8. making sure you are kept informed during the entire process
  9. a flexible service to accommodate your needs

Rest assured you will be offered the best possible price for your property no matter what condition or the reasons you are selling.

On the move

There are many reasons why property owners need to move quickly, maybe you are experiencing debt problems or facing financial difficulties due to divorce, don’t get too downhearted, let online property buying businesses help. They don’t judge their customers but do all they can to alleviate their problems by providing a fast house sale service. Complete the contact form today so a consultant can get in touch with you and find a potential buyer who will offer the best possible price, it’s that simple.

A guide for schools and teachers regarding recruitment

It’s good news for schools and teachers who are looking for teaching jobs in Kent, recommended education recruitment specialists are available online to help you find suitable teaching staff and teaching posts.  Kent based recruitment agencies work proactively within the county of Kent offering reliable consultancy and have a proven track record within the education recruitment area, why not check out some of their positive online customer testimonials from schools and teachers who are more than satisfied with their professional service that sets them apart from similar agencies?

Services on offer

As you would expect from established education recruitment specialists there are a wide variety of services on offer dedicated to schools and teachers who wish to register and converse with understanding consultants.  If you’re looking for teaching jobs in Kent it will only take you a matter of minutes to complete an online registration form then after being vetted you can begin your search for employment.  Likewise schools can also register online in order to submit vacancies in their search for teaching staff, it’s a great way to find out more about which teachers are available to teach in certain subjects and what their qualifications are.

Any questions, just ask

Naturally head teachers and human resources personnel will undoubtedly have questions they may wish to ask Kent based recruitment advisers for instance:-

  • what are the checks carried out on teachers and what confirmation do I get?
  • how can we contact the agency?
  • do you supply support staff?
  • can you help me to find a teacher for a  long-term assignment position?
  • do you supply teachers to cover half days?
  • how quickly can you supply a teacher to my school in an emergency?
  • do you have any teachers that live locally?

Answers for teachers

No doubt teachers will have numerous questions that need to be answered before applying for and accepting a teaching position when looking for teaching jobs in Kent.  Let experienced education recruitment personnel provide answers to the following queries:-

  1. I am a graduate who can become a teacher so can I teach via your agency?
  2. I do have a degree but no teaching qualifications, can I still work in primary schools?
  3. will schools set work for me to deliver?
  4. am I entitled to travelling expenses?
  5. how long does a CRB take to process?
  6. can you find me a permanent position?
  7. how long does the registration process take?

Encourage your staff with first class training

If you’re searching for an experienced management training company look no further than the internet where you’ll find professional instructors who have many years of experience in sharing their expertise with staff no matter where they work. Check out some of the comments previous clients have left on the website that give glowing feedback about the sessions and how their managers have become more confident, more professional and more mature.

There are many traditional, new and bespoke workshops available that include instruction on:-

  1. Management training
  2. Leadership
  3. Managing stress in the workplace
  4. Performance and well-being

Get the help you need

Whatever your budget and whatever your requirements there are management training courses to suit, if you do need any help in deciding which modules are best for your staff help is at hand by contacting a friendly adviser online or by telephone. There are new, traditional and bespoke workshops available from ninety five pounds per person, whichever type of training you require it’s recommended to seek advice from professional instructors who are dedicated into turning businesses around by helping staff understand their particular role within the workplace.

If a member of staff is suffering from stress due to a hectic working life there are online stress management assessments tools you can use that are perfect in providing effective training to help them get over the way they are feeling and back on the road to carrying out their duties with confidence.

Save time and money

Most businesses like to save time and money by operating a company that has reliable staff who can carry out their jobs to the full satisfaction of not only themselves but their managers too. Management training courses are offered at affordable prices and are worth every penny considering they produce great results and save employers money by having a full complement of staff at all times.

Check out the many online testimonials that are positive and describe the benefits of management training courses, the programmes are backed up by online stress and performance management assessments with workshops that have proven to be of great use to many different kinds of businesses.

Products you can buy

Take a look at the helpful products you can buy via a management training course company, there are sleep trackers for men and women along with sleep phones and ear sensors to wake you up and ready to start work on time.

Fleet driving assessment courses

Many large organisations and blue chip companies are beginning to recognise the need to manage the risks their drivers face on the road in the same way as other health and safety issues.  UK online driver training specialists are global leaders in providing fully integrated web-based fleet risk management solutions which help to significantly reduce:-

  • injuries
  • liability exposure
  • work absenteeism through driver related accidents

In order to maximise the benefits of online driver assessments it’s recommended to have a sound knowledge of the highway code to have a greater understanding of traffic signs as well as the official theory test which will help you to be successful with UK online driver training.

Find out more

Leading providers of fleet driver training courses can provide online assessments with the necessary expertise and a passion for safe driving which can help any company that employs drivers.  Online driver training is flexible and supported by comprehensive user accessible recording which contains updated information reports of how clients are performing, perfect for business owners to see how their staff are getting on.  Why not make a general enquiry about online driver training to find out more before enrolling, there are many benefits for this type of driver profiling and assessment for instance:-

  1. minimum disruption to staff and personnel
  2. secure client log on area
  3. identified progression from online driver profiling to online driver training and on-road assessment if required
  4. secure management area
  5. a greener approach to driving issues
  6. less administration for key personnel
  7. significant cost and time savings
  8. training specifically developed for fleet sectors

A flexible approach

Fleet driver training operatives appreciate the needs of companies that require their staff to change their driving behaviour so offer a flexible approach to their clients by providing a wide variety of courses to choose from, with UK online driver training being a popular option.  When one considers that UK businesses lose millions of pounds worth of revenue due to driving accidents involving their staff, loss of man hours, disruption to business and vehicle repairs, it makes sense to follow up on fleet driver training to tackle the issues in reducing driving risks.

Before making contact with a fleet online driver training adviser why not download an information pack that provides all you need to know about courses, prices and availability.  Take the first step today by enrolling your staff for UK online driver training to reap the benefits in the future.